If you have decided you are going to upgrade your property before marketing it for sale, then it is very important that you do the right things as overspending can really make selling the property more difficult, especially if you are looking to achieve more than you have actually spent on the property! Read on for our Top 3 Tips if you are looking to put some elbow grease in 
We have seen so many people do work to a property before they sell, only to get it horribly wrong and be left in a bit of a sticky situation. These little helpful hints should assist in stopping you from making the same mistakes. 
1. Don't overspend! Get a budget and stick to it. In order to do this you need all the information at your disposal, do not guess on how much something is going to cost you, do your research and make sure it is realistic. If the potential spend is going to be higher than you thought, maybe it is time to rethink whether the work is worth doing or not. 
2. Do everything! I see so many times people will re-plaster, put new flooring down, have new windows and then leave in the original kitchen because "it is still in good order." This is a huge error. In a stable market like we are in now you can't expect the market to increase your price for you. Buyers will always see the bits that need doing over the well finished areas, so ensuring there are no areas that remain unfinished is key. 
3. Prioritise. Look at the key features that buyers are looking at and invest in those. Kitchen, bathroom, heating system and windows want to be top notch before you start putting brand new solid wood flooring in the freshly plastered dining area. You can decorate a house to a superb finish on a fairly tight budget, but the real investment and the "win" in these situations comes from those big ticket items that people don't like doing themselves. 
We are always more than happy to advise if you are looking to do a renovation, or even just a light refresh, so please get in touch if we are able to assist in any way. 
For more information on this and anything else relating to the housing market just give us a call on 0116 3409989 or to find out a guide on your property's current value go to 
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