There are many reasons why your property should be valued.  
One of the main reasons is that it can put buyers at ease knowing they will get what the asking price if the need to resell in a hurry.  
It also means you don't have to accept offers on your property because their valuation was too low, which wastes time and money for all involved. 
- With the value of property constantly changing, it can be difficult to keep track -  
Especially if you are not up on current market trends and fluctuations in price. It is therefore advisable for a full appraisal to take place before any formal dealings commence because this will provide an accurate guide as to what your property should be worth at all times. 
- The main purpose of a valuation is to provide you with an accurate representation of the current market value for your property - 
which will ensure that you are not under priced or overpriced when it comes time to sell. In this way, potential buyers can be more confident in making an offer because they know what price needs to be paid from the outset. 
- It is also a good idea to get your property valued when you are about to make any major decisions or changes in regards to the property such as renovations, refurbishments and changes of use - 
because they can have an impact on how much it's worth which means that doing so will give you peace of mind knowing exactly what your property is worth at all times. 
- If you are selling your home, it is important to get a formal valuation carried out in order to give potential buyers an accurate representation of the market value for the property -  
which will ensure that they do not undersell or overprice when making offers. This means that having one done can also help remove the anxiety and stress of having to sell while also giving you the confidence in knowing exactly what price will be paid for your property. 
- Finally, getting a formal valuation done is important because it can help put buyers at ease, as they know that if their offer is accepted then they won't have bought more than was needed -  
which means there will be no overpayment or underpayment when it comes time to sell the property. It is also a good idea because doing so can ensure that you don't have to accept offers on your home, which wastes time and money for all involved - especially if their offer was too low or high compared to what other buyers are willing to pay. 
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