House Hunting Made Easy: The Ultimate Guide. 
Many people find buying a house to be an exciting and daunting experience.  
It is not easy to enter the market, but there are plenty of resources available that can help you get started. When moving house, there is lots to consider, and it takes time and dedication. However, getting started does not need to be difficult!  
Firstly, you should ask yourself what type of home best suits your needs and budget? Should you buy a flat or house?  
Do you want to live in the city centre or countryside and what is your price range? 
Some factors that may affect your decision-making process: 
- Price Range - will my loan cover this property? 
- Life Stage - when do I plan on settling down and starting a family/buying a business? (If that is something you're interested in). 
- Location - where are the best schools for my children, is it close to work/shops/family? 
Once you have decided on your location and price range it’s time to start looking! Many people starting out in their house hunting journey feels overwhelmed by how competitive this market can be. However, there are several factors you can consider ensuring a smooth and productive process. 
Do your research! It is important that you find properties for sale in areas where YOU want to live, if there are any specific features you want in your next property, be sure to search for properties with this feature! This could include an office, conservatory, downstairs bathroom, an on suite... 
Make a list of the features you want in your next property and then narrow down this to around five key areas.  
This will help reduce overwhelm as well as helping you focus on finding properties within your price range, rather than wasting time looking at too many expensive homes - which can be discouraging for those starting out! 
Once you have found some potential properties, then its time to go and visit them! If you like the look of a property but feel unsure about it after visiting, don't be afraid to give the agent a call and ask for more information.  
There is no harm in asking, or even going to have another look again. If you are still keen on finding out more information, make an appointment with their estate agent before you visit the property. This way they will be expecting your call and can answer all your questions about a potential new home! 
- How long have they been on the market? 
- What is the asking price and what is included in this figure? 
- Where can I find out more about the area? Check crime rates, school reports and other local resources to learn what it's like to live there! There might be some hidden gems around the corner or further away - it’s worth exploring your options before making any decisions! 
Once you have found a property you like, it’s important to make an offer! This is where it gets interesting. Agents will not want their clients’ properties to sit on the market for months as this can reduce interest.  
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