Leicester has a mountain of semi-detached property, ranging from traditional 1930's bay-fronted semis to modern day versions on New-Build estates. 
Their value will vary dramatically depending on the size, condition and location within the city itself. 
New Parks offers several different types of property and the construction type does impact on the value of the house. Find out more in this short video. 
The competition in the West of Leicester is rife! LE3 and LE4 semi-detached house prices are back on the increase but where is it more expensive to buy? 
Excellent opportunity in Braunstone Town on Turnbull Drive. This video explains all! A great street in a solid residential location making this an ideal family home. 
Birstall house prices
Birstall is an incredibly popular village located to the North of Leicester. A huge array of different housing, great transport links, some very exclusive locations and excellent local amenities, maybe worth looking at? 
So after a slowdown in the housing market with prices stagnating during February, what happened to house prices in March I hear you ask? 
As the redevelopment of Leicester's suburbs re-commences after the financial crash 10 years ago, we look at one area which is going to really benefit homeowners and investors. 
Want to make as much money as possible from your potential investment property? Find out how! 
Rewind 10 years and the property market was just in the starting blocks for a race to the bottom where prices fell dramatically in a very short space of time. After several years of stability, many first time buyers had saved deposits and started to come back to the market in 2015-2016. 
Following the previous post about price increases in Northern cities, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is contradictory. And it is, to a certain extent. House price growth has indeed seen huge spikes in Leicester over the last 12 months, but if we take the last 3 months in isolation it is a much different story, with prices stalling and not moving up or down in the 3 months of December, January, February. 
Prices in urban areas across the UK are rising.....That's a bit of a sweeping statement but Northern powerhouse cities such as Liverpool and Manchester are on the increase, as is our mighty Leicester! Alongside Birmingham, those three cities are seeing average increases in excess of 6%. That's still someway behind Edinburgh which is currently tracking at growth of 7.7% on an annual basis, and has always been the jewel in the crown for the Scottish housing market. 
The Property Fox
This is a red hot house! Clean and tidy, still with some room for some small improvements, this house on Battenberg Road is an excellent prospect for the budding investor. Properties done to a good standard in the area are generating around £135,000-£140,000 at the moment, this two bed terraced in on the market for a Guide of £120,000. 
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