If you have decided you are going to upgrade your property before marketing it for sale, then it is very important that you do the right things as overspending can really make selling the property more difficult, especially if you are looking to achieve more than you have actually spent on the property! Read on for our Top 3 Tips if you are looking to put some elbow grease in 
When dealing with a property that needs substantial amounts of work there are really two ways to do it. Firstly, you can sell it as it is. Secondly, you can do the work to the property. But which way is best. 
Starter homes like terraced houses, town houses, ex-council houses and some semi-detached are the mainstay of the Leicester housing market and demand is still very high, so how can you maximise the price you achieve on these houses when bringing them to market? 
When we go to look at a property where we are working alongside the executors of an estate, a question we often get asked is; "when can I actually put the house up for sale? 
If you have been appointed as an executor to deal with the sale of a property, what does that actually mean? 
Handling a property which is in probate can be a bit of a minefield, especially if you have never dealt with anything like this before. Our advice is to try and not worry about it too much, as long as you have an estate agent who handles these sorts of cases on a regular basis and you have a solicitor who specialises in probate then it can all be handled with ease. 
You are looking to sell your biggest asset and want to make sure you get it right! There are lots of things you can do to make your house sell more quickly and sell for more money. 
Unfortunately, there are also a few things you can do which will delay the sale, cause you to lose money, and potentially give you a huge headache as well. We highlight the 3 biggest mistakes that we see people make when selling a property. 
The current conundrum in the property market is to whether to sell your house before Brexit or wait until afterwards. The Leicester property market is still very strong for sellers so listen to our advice below and see if it gives you a helping hand on what we think about Brexit and the Leicester property market. 
Having been built to serve the local hosiery industry in Leicester around the start of the twentieth century, Leicester's terraced housing communities have seen huge changes since then and now offer great opportunities to both owner occupiers and investors. 
Leicester has a mountain of semi-detached property, ranging from traditional 1930's bay-fronted semis to modern day versions on New-Build estates. 
Their value will vary dramatically depending on the size, condition and location within the city itself. 
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