People often ask us the best method for selling a property that needs a bit of work doing to it. The method that we are about to explain works so well that several people that have used have got so much extra money for their house they are truly shocked! 
Price can be the key driver in selling any sort of product, whether it is a house or not. People are so curious about things that are priced lower, and this attracts great interest, interest creates competition and competition generates offers. When we get multiple offers that is when we can start to really make sure we get the best price possible. Couple this with the property market where there aren’t endless properties being produced and this competition can be fierce. 
Alton Road in Aylestone was a prime example of how this can work. Having been on the market with another agent the sellers wanted some help. The house was empty and although clean and tidy, it needed some updating. The property had a back boiler and was just a little tired in other areas. 
Following some long discussions with the owners we decided to re-market the property £15,000 below its current price and run an open day, with the intention of getting as many viewings as possible to drive that competition. 12 viewings were booked in to take place and 5 offers came through, EVERY ONE ABOVE ASKING PRICE! The house sold for £10,000 over the realigned asking price and went through the whole solicitor process very quickly. 
This is not an unusual story and there are lots of other properties where mass interest has been generated, in a controlled environment, for a super result! If you are dealing with a property like this then maybe it could be the right way to go? 
We are happy to discuss things with sellers over the phone for no cost and simply advise on what the next steps could be to look at this option. 
For more information on this and anything else relating to the housing market just give us a call on 0116 3409989 or to find out a guide on your property's current value go to 
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