When we go to look at a property where we are working alongside the executors of an estate, a question we often get asked is; "when can I actually put the house up for sale? 
Well....most probates are usually dealt with within a couple of months. Even slightly more complex cases can be dealt with fairly swiftly if you have someone that is able to assist with the process. In this situation, there is nothing stopping you from marketing the property immediately. What you aren't allowed to do is actually exchange contracts and hand the keys over until the Grant of Probate has come through. 
There are certain instances where we wouldn't advise on immediate marketing. For example, if there has been no will left and there are some disagreements on who is going to deal with the estate and how we are able to move things forward. But again, if you have a wills and probate specialist assisting you then even in situations like this you are potentially still able to market the property. 
An estate agent that knows their stuff should be able to help you devise a plan of action on maximising the achievable figure on the property and timing it so the grant of probate doesn't delay the handing over of the keys as we move towards completion. 
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