Requiring Photo ID and Address ID from the Landlord in the lettings Process: 
The lettings process is a very important one for both landlords and tenants. That's why it is so important to make sure that the landlord has all the information they need to go through this process with you, and vice versa. 
This includes both the landlord and tenants photo ID and address ID. 
It can be difficult to understand why these are required at first, but we will discuss in detail below what type of information they provide and how useful they can be! 
Photo ID is required from the landlord to prove their identity.  
This can be incredibly helpful when it comes time for signing contracts and other legal documents, as well as helping to prevent any fraudulent activity.  
In addition, it's important for landlords to have a valid address on file so that we can easily contact them if there are any issues. 
It's just as important for tenants to have a valid address on file.  
We will use this information to verify your identity and contact you if there are any issues with the property or the tenancy agreement. 
Having both photo ID and address ID from the landlord is an important part of the lettings process and can help to ensure a smooth transition for everyone involved. 
If you have any questions about why we need this information or what it will be used for, don't hesitate to contact us!  
We're happy to help! 
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Contact us on one of the methods with any queries that you may have, or use our contact form and we will be back in touch very soon! 
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