LE6 is a small, fairly exclusive, postcode taking in three main villages; Ratby, Groby and Newtown Linford. Average prices in this postcode are heavily influenced by Ratby and Groby as there is more activity in the two neighbouring villages than there is in Newtown Linford. 
Only once in the 6 months data that we have ahs the average price for the area dropped below £200,000, and in some months it was up closer to £240,000. 
Transaction numbers are fairly low for the postcode, due to it's size and density of housing stock, there usually between 10-20 transactions take place across LE6 on a monthly basis. 
The figures below highlight the number of transactions across the middle of 2017. There are currently 60 properties available for sale in LE2, this compares to 234 in LE4, 347 in LE3 and 249 in LE7. So it's no surprise that there are less properties change hands in LE6 on a monthly basis. 
Transaction Numbers in LE6 during 2017 
May - 12 
June - 15 
July - 10 
August - 21 
September - 12 
October - 19 
Houses prices across the area are loosely in line with the rest of Leicester, which considering Newtown Linford is included in this postcode is somewhat of a surprise. However, when we consider that there are quite a large proportion of starter homes in Groby and Ratby, which are more frequently bought and sold, it doesn't take too long to see that all these smaller transactions can cancel out the impact of one big sale from the Bradgate Park village! 
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