Posts from May 2019

Since the introduction of the extra stamp duty tax for second houses and investment property, the government has raised an absolute fortune in additional revenue. So when do you need to pay it? 
In its simplest form stamp duty is a tax that is paid for the privilege of buying property! Not everyone has to pay stamp duty but most people do. See this blog post to see if you need to pay stamp duty 
If you have decided you are going to upgrade your property before marketing it for sale, then it is very important that you do the right things as overspending can really make selling the property more difficult, especially if you are looking to achieve more than you have actually spent on the property! Read on for our Top 3 Tips if you are looking to put some elbow grease in 
When dealing with a property that needs substantial amounts of work there are really two ways to do it. Firstly, you can sell it as it is. Secondly, you can do the work to the property. But which way is best. 
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