It’s always worth checking with your Estate Agent if they charge for photos before taking them on. Some may offer a ‘marketing’ package which can include professional photographers or videographers. It can be worth looking at these options if your house is valued at the higher end of the market, but we would always advise that you do your own research as you may find hiring your own photographer / videographer to be more cost effective. If your property is valued at over a million pounds, then you may consider bringing in a videographer to do a guided tour of the property and features. 
Many online estate agents will ask you to do the photography yourself. As with many online options, this is part of the money saving process. That is not to say a standard estate agent will be any better at taking photos than you. After all they are paid to sell the house, not produce pretty pictures. It’s worth remembering that the years of experience they have under their belt will inform them of the most advantageous positions. 
If you consider having a professional take pictures of your property, then you may be charged a staging fee. This is to bring in additional furnishings to ‘stage’ the location for the photos / videos. Staging fees can once again vary depending on the size of your property and weather or not it has furnishings already. 
Estate agents will sometimes take photos with a fisheye lens. This gives the illusion that the rooms bigger than it is in real life. You may consider this to be disingenuous, though most people are aware of this trick and it’s often beneficial to see more of the rooms features. 
Put simply, most estate agents won’t charge for photos. If your property is valued at over £500,000 though they may suggest hiring a professional to produce some far higher quality images. Below is an example of a guided tour produced by a professional team of videographers. 
The prices mentioned in this article are relevant to the Leicestershire area as of June 2021. 
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